Using introductory computer programming concepts, I designed, prototyped, and led technology based curricula for K-12 STEM initiatives through Lego Robotics, Arduino, web design, and game design. Vision, Education, & Media, in partnership with the 21st Century Community Learning Centers, aim to provide enrichment opportunities to children, particularly students who attend high-poverty and low-performing schools, that compliment their regular academic programs.Programs emphasize hands-on problem solving and project-based learning. Students work both collaboratively and individually to build autonomous robots, design games, or develop websites that express their creativity as well as exercise their programming skill sets.


How do you construct solutions that inspire students and teachers to address the widest possible range of academic standards through the use of technology? 


My Role: Instructor, Design, Research, Prototyping

Process: I implemented various research techniques, which included individual stakeholder (teacher, student, parent, school faculty) interviews, ethnographic observations, and academic literature reviews to gather requirements for curriculum. Then, through collaborating with teachers, I worked to integrate robotics, programming, and design skillets to Common Core Standards.

Solution: We developed experiences that used programming and design skillets to enhance the subject matter. Programs typically lasted between 8 weeks and the full academic calendar. Over time, sometimes as brief as one session, students became engaged in the iterative problem-solving process. They began to understand that "failure" in the iterative process, is welcomed in order to learn to be better.

Challenges: Maintaining consistent attendance was sometimes difficult. Curriculum and daily activities needed to be flexible in order to accommodate limited schedules. 

Highlights: Selected to develop and lead intensives for the Intrepid Sea, Air, & Space Museum, YMCA, and various specialized high school programs throughout New York. 

Class Projects