This is the first screen for viewing or paying patent related fees.  Users can enter up to 10 patents (or copy/paste) or upload a bulk file (unlimited).  Logging in isn't necessary for under 10 patents. Bulk payments require login as those are typically associated with corporations that have many patents to keep track of.   This example will show a single patent payment.    
 Here are the patent fee details.  In addition to the patent information and fees due, users have access to related past fee statements.   If a user is not logged in, they have a "Pay Now" option. If the user is logged in, they will also have an "Add to Cart" option.    
 Here is the payment screen.   If a user is not logged in, they must enter credit card information. If a user is logged in, they can also select from existing payment methods. 
 After completing a payment, users are redirected to the beginning of the process and given a downloadable receipt of their transaction. 
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